Binary Options Trading Bonuses

At the present moment, more than 800 binary options companies exist over the Internet. They need to struggle for each client, that’s why lots of them offer so-called binary options bonuses. Let’s explore this topic from top to bottom.

What Are The Binary Options Bonuses

They are the special proposals, which brokers make to future, new or regular clients. As usual, this proposal is connected with some extra money, which can be added to the client’s account, some free service, etc. Each bonus offer has some rules and conditions, which the trader must fulfill before they can get this extra cash or service. It’s necessary to study the rules well before applying for a bonus as many clients’ complaints are based on the fact that not all terms were fulfilled.

Here we’ll discuss the main important kinds of the most valuable bonuses, their rules, and conditions, and we’ll provide you with the names of broker companies, which offer them.

Binary Options No-deposit Bonus

It is the special proposal, which presumes the transfer to the clients’ account some amount of cash without any need to put the first deposit to it. For some service users, it sounds too good to be true, and that’s right to some extent. Very often such a bonus is offered to new clients to try trading safely.

The key of this binary options bonus is in its sum – typically, such payments are very small. Besides, it’s necessary to roll the money 50-100 times before being allowed to withdraw the cash. This kind of bonus is not popular as of 2021. Still, some broker companies offer it.

Match Deposit Bonus

This rare type of all binary options bonuses can be easily used by both newcomers and traders with active accounts. A match deposit bonus is a bonus, which consists of a certain percentage of bonus money added to the amount of the deposit.

Rebate Bonus

Also known as the cashback bonus, it presumes that the client can get some additional money as the reimbursement after losing a certain amount of funds at the broker platform. For instance, the trader can apply for a rebate bonus after losing their first $1,000. Usually, the amount of rebate bonus is equal to 10% - 15% of the invested money. Very often, this bonus option is valid only for long-term clients of the broker’s company as a sign of loyalty to them.

Refer A Friend Bonus

It’s not hard to understand what the bonus means – invite your friend with the offered referral link and get some percent of the amount, spent by a friend on the binary options platform. The bonus is offered by various companies and usually reaches 5%-10% of the funds spent by the friend.

Mobile Trading Bonus

The mobile trading bonus is the type of bonus that can be activated by mobile users only. Many binary options have mobile apps for happy Android and privileged iOS users. Some platforms offer a certain percentage of the amount you lose for referring a friend. Others calculate the bonus amount based on the funds spent by your friend.

Free Demo Or Risk-Free Trading

This bonus option is suitable for new traders, who want to understand the trade’s concept. In this case, it’s necessary to make the first deposit and then start trading. In case if the money will be lost, it will be returned back by the broker to the client’s account. Usually, from 3 to 5 risk-free deals are allowed for the new client.

The bonus key is that the money returned to the balance can’t be withdrawn immediately and must be turned over up to 5 times before it.

Loyalty Bonuses

This type is offered to regular customers and includes the list of certain privileges the binary options company offers to encourage them. For instance, a trading company can offer a loyalty bonus divided into several levels, from the basic, with almost no privileges, to the advanced that comprises several bonuses at once. The owners of the top-level account (the ones who deposited a certain cash amount) enjoy 5%-10% of increased payouts, refunds for trades, and the vast list of improved indicators.

How To Claim Binary Options Welcome Bonus?

To receive a binary option sign up bonus for trading (the other name of the same bonus type), you must:

  1. Create a new account (it must be a real trading account, not a demo one).

  2. Verify your account with necessary documents (as usual, it’s your passport, Unique Identification Number, bank account statement, etc.).

  3. Make the first deposit.

  4. Get a binary option welcome bonus to your account (as usual, 30-50% of the first deposit or more).

Bonuses Terms And Conditions

To avoid disappointment, we offer the new traders to read the terms and conditions for every offer in detail. “Terms and conditions” is the list of rules and actions to fulfill in case you want to get a certain bonus. Keep in mind that each bonus has some details of usage, which may seem inappropriate to you. Here’s the list of the main ones.

Withdrawal Restrictions

Such a condition is present in almost every situation with bonuses. Its main idea is that it’s impossible for the client to withdraw their money before the amount on their account isn’t turned over several times (as usual from 5 and more). E.g.:

The amount of bonus

The number of money turnovers

The amount you should spend before asking to withdraw real money




Is Your Deposit Locked In?

Probably, yes, it is. Sometimes after getting some bonus money to your account, you’ll see that it is actually blocked, and you can neither transfer the bonus money nor your own deposit money back to your bank account. You’ll be able to withdraw the cash after a certain amount of deals you’ll have on the trading platform. Not each binary options company does it, so be attentive and choose the broker carefully.

How Is The Bonus Paid?

The bonus money can be united with the cash on your account, then there’s the possibility of your investment being locked (re-read the section above). Choose the trading platform, where deposit and bonus accounts are separated.

How Are Winnings Paid With Risk-Free Trades?

If you take risk-free trade, then study the conditions about the winnings you’ll get. Sometimes the winnings are paid in the form of bonuses. In this case, you won’t be able to withdraw the winnings, just to spend them again for deals.

Best Binary Options Bonus Offers

To discover the top offers, be sure to familiarize yourself with the list below. We’ve selected the most lucrative offers currently available on the trustiest platforms. But before you claim one, take some time to study the rules for obtaining the bonus attentively. Contact the binary options manager if necessary and ask him all the questions you have. We’ve collected several leading binary options companies and bonuses they offer.

  • Olymp trade

Risk-free bonus

The company has three kinds of status for its users – starter, advanced and expert. Risk-free bonus can be gotten by a starter or advanced user if they win such a privilege in the competition, if they gain points of experience in the Trader’s Way program (developed by Olymp Trade to support its clients) and if they get this bonus during some promotions. The expert can get this bonus, if he puts $2, 000 into his account.

The binary options offer risk-free bonus very rarely, and it’s considered as one of the best types of it. As you can see, you can get it at Olymp trade.

Welcome bonus

The company offers a great welcome bonus – up to 100% (in comparison with the usual 30-50%). Besides, the amount of the first deposit can be low – it starts from $10.

  • IQ Option

In 2021 IQ Option doesn’t offer any welcome bonus to its new users or any other ones.

  • eToro

Welcome bonus

The company offers a great welcome bonus to its new users. To get it, you just need to register at eToro’s site and make the first $50 deposit. And after it, you get a bonus of $50 to your account.

  • Binomo

Welcome bonus

Binomo’s new users can get their welcome bonus after transferring their first deposit. After it, it’s necessary to click on the button “Coupon Add” and then get a code. After entering the code into the “Coupon” field, the client will get up to a 100% welcome bonus to his/her account.

Why Do Brokers Give Away Free Money?

They have several reasons to do so. First of all, brokers want to attract new clients to their trading platform, and that’s why they offer newcomers to make their first deals for free (in a demo account), get great cashbacks, and add some bonus money to their accounts.

Sometimes brokers offer great loyalty programs to their constant clients, who have already spent a lot on the trading platform to thank them for their great deals.

Final Words

We’re not telling you that the binary option free bonus is a scheme and it doesn’t work. We just want to prevent newcomers from disappointment. That’s why we offer you to study this guide carefully and check it out each time when you plan to apply for some bonus option.


Do I Need A Special Code To Claim A Binary Options No-deposit Bonus?

No, you don’t. You need to find a broker you can trust, which offers a no deposit binary options bonus. Get registered and pass account verification. Read the details of no-deposit bonus activation (in the “Terms and Conditions” section), and enjoy your bonus.

Can I Use Binary Options Bonuses To Trade All Assets?

No, you can’t. The bonus money can’t be exchanged for any other coin type, can’t be used to trade all possible assets, and can’t be used to pay the withdrawal fee.

Can I Withdraw A Binary Options Deposit Bonus For Real Money?

No, you can’t. Bonuses can never be compensated with real cash. They are used just for deals on the trading platform.