eToro Broker Overview 2021

Today’s trading & investing businesses tend to relocate to an overall e-marketplace, not without innovative resources like eToro. The resource’s essential achievement is that each person gains all abilities to manage their CFDs, real stocks, invest, deal with cryptos, etc. The entire specter of this top-trusted broker’s advantages composes the subject matter of the suggested overview.

What Is Etoro

While comprehending what eToro presents no difficulty, even a practiced investor might not know all its features and handy options. Before we plunge into eToro’s functional performance, let us display this quick survey on thebroker:

Company Details



Foundation Year


Web Address

Active Users

18.7ml (Jan 2021)




Social Trading Network etc


Fixed Time Trades


over 2,000

Min Deposit


Min Amount to trade


Max Amount to trade


Max Deals simultaneously




Account Activation

24 h

Account Variants


Free Version

eToro Demo Account

Demo Account Virtual Funds


Mobile Trading

Android, iOS, Tablet

Supported Countries

140, the US & UK included

Overall Rating


Is Etoro Legal

This is natural when the customer poses such a question about any broker platform. Therefore the information about the resource’s license documentation takes the prior position in these eToro reviews.

Licensing And Regulations

The broker operates in multiple regions. It has obtained proper licenses to deliver brokerage legally. Its main license grantors:

  • the FinCEN - the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network across the US region

  • the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA in Great Britain
  • CySEC regulator for EuropeEnter your text here...
  • the Australia Securities & Investments Commissions or ASIC

Mind that eToro possesses dedicated permits to transact businesses in each US state of those open for the usage of the resource. The full list is placed here.

Etoro Registration Process

To achieve the entire command of the resource, you ought to become its full member. If precision is required, there are 4 eToro account types to proceed with:

  • Professional

  • Retail:

  • Islamic

  • Demo

Thus, launch your partnership with eToro following these simple steps:

Go To The Sign Up Page

Visit the official website (, then tap the Join Now icon.

Enter your initial data into the pop-up form. Use an active email. Examine the eToro Terms & Conditions together with Privacy and Cookie Policy. Then press the Create Account button.

The site allows you to register through your social network profile, too:

Verify Your Email Address

The following window with pop up then:

Follow the confirmation link inserted in the letter. Now your email has passed verification.

Verify Your Phone Number

Indicate your actual contact number. The eToro team might drop an SMS with a code onto it. Indicate the code in a similar popped-up window to fulfill your number’s verification.

Complete Your Account Profile

It is necessary to supply eToro managers with additional info like the name, address, etc.

All these data will be verified, so they will call you to show such photocopies:

  • ID or passport

  • a fresh utility bill

Start Trading

The profile verification can fit into 24 hours. However, it becomes open for using just after its creation.

Is Etoro Safe

Another reasonable thought - if eToro is safe from the safety perspective. We reassure you that the operator obeys the laws set by its legal grantors and employs the latest innovative safety instruments to protect you.

Funds Management

Placing money on eToro is indeed safe since it lies housed in A-grade banking institutions. The procedures agree with regulating documents.

Account Safety

When reporting the sensitive info to the managers, be positive about its safekeeping. Etoro utilizes high-class equipment to manage its resources, the SSL encryption included.

Demo Account Vs. Real Money Trading

By shifting to a Demo Profile, you obtain an excellent opportunity to study how eToro does work. The demo teaches you strategies of making benefit from its financial services. Regard it as a training camp where you gain virtual credits of $100,000 for whatever experiment. You may consult pros, utilize their deal patterns, etc. So, this trading software item is perfectly built for newbies to this trade-online matter.

But surely, the broker functions for those seeking real outcomes. Whether you are a pro or have just learned how to make money on eToro, real trade operations are waiting for you. Thus, the two variants don't compete - they both represent precious instruments each having its unique features. 

What Can You Trade On Etoro

It seems an absolutely impossible mission to enumerate all assets accessible in eToro. One would scarcely encounter any denial in this respect. Even the compact classification of accepted items looks massive:


Trading indices in the way of Contracts for Difference, shortly CFDs, grow steadily in popularity. Simply stated, one can benefit here from mere price fluctuations in whatever direction. eToro supports such indices as:

  • country-specific

  • exchange-bound

  • sector-bound

The top sought-after of them would be the Nikkei 225, the Dow Jones, the DAX 30, the S&P 500, the FTSE 100, etc.


Crypto transfers represent the central strength of eToro. Expect the smartest tools and conditions to effectuate operations with these virtual values. The eToro cryptocurrency set comprises:

  • Bitcoin

  • Litecoin

  • XRP

  • XLM

  • Ethereum

  • Bitcoin Cash


Recently, eToro has occupied forwarding positions as to its Forex options. Thus, not a bad choice of pairs to deal with will be at your disposal at this global currency exchange market.


Another pop item for successful deals on eToro is represented by Exchange-Traded Funds or ETFs. The broker provides an excellent tutorial on these assets. The frequent variants are bound to:

  • Bonds

  • Equity

  • Currency

  • Commodity

  • Real Estate

  • Volatility, etc


eToro is uniquely replete with commodities. It permits vending leastways sugar, oil, cotton, lumber, wheat, cattle, orange juice, pork bellies, and, by all means, gold and platinum.

How To Use Etoro

There’s nothing simpler. In plain language, one creates an eToro profile, puts a deposit onto their account, opts for assets, gains their profit, and, finally, puts it into their pocket. Surely, reality looks a little trickier and one ought to understand several subtleties. The most significant of them we suggest exploring now:

Trading Hours

eToro remains accessible around 24 hours; however, the ability to fulfill a definite operation hinges upon a marketplace. If the targeted marketplace is closed, appeal to the After Hours instrument that will conduct your deal as soon as it opens.

Spreads & Commission

When opting for currency and crypto exchange, eToro practices so-called spreads - variable percentages that the broker has from each of your deals. Here are some instances: