Thank you, Lord for bringing us the best Mac charting software to Earth. We prayed for so long and now our dreams came true. We was affarid we would become a windows people, but here we are happy with the amount of new software for Mac, fully satisfied and grateful. Nice prayer isn’t?

So let me welcome you to the world of ProTa and ProTa Gold for Mac OS X, people! Whether you are a US citizen or Canadian, have a seat, take off your shoes, stretch your feet and pour some tea. After all, you probably worked too hard today, so try to relax and enjoy. ProTa is the market charting software with these features :

Technical analysis, portfolio tracker for the mutual funds, stock market, option market and futures. It’s designed specifically for Macintosh and can be downloaded directly from ProTa website, just like the ProTa Gold, that in addition to his relative marks custom indicators, system back testing, trade modeling, scanning of data base and optimization of parameter. Customizable tools are expandable for the market that always changing. You download it directly to your desktop and the stock analysis will become easier than ever, with the help of Mac OS X. The confidence level is very high, that assist ProTa to monitor your investments and plan trades.

What else. It stores all of your files locally on the hard disc. Accessibility to the charts, quotes and analysis with around sixty technical indicators, providing the foundation. Also, very interesting detail – you can create your own custom analytics. I’ve said before about markets that changes, right? So ProTa has the ability to adapt to these fast changing markets. And the sky is the limit, as they say. You can try this Mac software for free and as for the price, check it by yourself. If you like it, buy it, if you buy it, use it, when you use it, feel it, when you feel it, don’t kill it. All right, I am going to next one, gentlemen.

Trendsetter software is also compatible with Mac OS X lion 10.7 and it makes your trading smooth as the baby skin. I have a baby son and could probably compare it, but I haven’t bought this charting software for Mac yet. Maybe i will some day, but until then, i will evaluate it for you, traders and who knows, you might be sending me a postcard from the Caribbean in the near future

Ok, so Trendsetter software has the ProAnalyst, which designed by traders for traders (how many times you’ve heard it before?). You don’t have to be a day trader to be grateful for the streaming real-time charts, alerts, market-pulse reports and technical advanced analysis. You can track your stocks, choice of symbols, futures, foreign currencies, ETF’s, options and as the action happens, you stay informed as if you have your own throne right in the middle of Exchange! I am the King of the World! Well, at least in my imagination.

Have you ever heard this crazy laugh of someone and without knowing the reason of laugh, it makes you just mad? Well, it’s a laugh of MacChart users. They laugh, because this Mac charting software is a powerful tool, when you searching for the significant growth of the technical analysis and capital. Higher return in the stock market is guaranteed, as the classic charting combined with tens of advanced technical. Why not laugh, when everything is so good? Precision charts, live alerts, news quotes, trade tracking, all these are offered from Mac Chart. Let’s say, you want to invest in Apple, or other high-tech stocks, in this case the software will help you do the charting and analysis program to predict projected stock prices and to analyze current market trends. Wonderful solution for new traders and pro traders equally.

And in the end listen to this:

We had a lot of luck on Venus

We always had a ball on Mars

Meeting all the groovy people

We’ve rocked the Milky Way so far

We danced around with Borealice

We’re space truckin’ round the stars

Come on let’s go Space Trackin’

Unbelievable, 40 years later and these Deep Purple lyrics are still alive and Mac portfolio tracking… oops, wrong tracking, sorry.

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